Webinar Series

Our Best Value!

If your firm is anything like most firms, your employees are always busy.  Always.  It's hard to get them together in one room for a two hour meeting, let alone for a two-day event.

While we all know that in-person, on-site training is the best - the most effective - we have to have a solution for situations like this, when you simply can't get your whole office to shut down for a day or two so everyone can attend the same class.

We have a solution.

We would like to offer you a program in which you have a dependable webinar schedule, with the same basic classes offered again and again throughout the year, so that everyone who needs it can get the training, at their convenience.

Even companies that authorize training - budgeting the time, budgeting the cost - still find that employees don't get their approved training, because they just can't make the time, or because they personally think they're being better employees by saving you the money on something you know they need, but they really think they don't.

By purchasing an annual subscription to our program, you solve both problems - they can make the time because they get so many repeat opportunities to attend, and since it's already paid for, they're costing you money if they don't show up.    While it pays for itself if just one person takes all the classes, your best value is to have dozens of employees take them.  And if someone didn't fully absorb everything in a program, they can take it again, because unlimited attendance by your employees is already paid for.

These two-hour-or-less courses will be offered again and again, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, eight weeks per quarter.  That's 64 days a year of training classes - two or three per day - they can dial into, with a live trainer for live questions and answers during the class. 

You could have a whole department attend at once, viewing it jointly in your conference room, or each of twenty people could attend different sessions, dialing in from their desktops, or even from their laptops if they're working from home or the road.

Our job is to train your staff on trade compliance issues; we want to make it as convenient for your as possible!


Repetitive Courses - The Webinar Series



These are our regular repeat classes, offered in rotation.  Your employees will have at least eight opportunities per year to attend each one, although some are offered more often than that, just because some classes are for everyone, and some have more limited appeal.

 We will publish the schedule for each quarter in advance so that our subscribers can share it with their employees.  Whether they attend one-by-one or as a group, it's no difference to your pricing; it's just a matter of whatever is convenient for you!

Regular Courses

  • Trade Compliance for Purchasing
  • Trade Compliance for Sales and Customer Service
  • Trade Compliance for Management
  • The Self Audit - Recognizing Our Risks and Developing a Plan
  • Country of Origin Determination
  • Country of Origin Marking Requirements
  • Free Trade Agreements Overview - NAFTA, USMCSA, DR-CAFTA, etc.
  • Free Trade Agreement Qualification, Documentation, and Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Recordkeeping - Import, Export, Origin, and More
  • Introduction to Export Controls - Parties, Countries, Products, and Deemed Exports
  • Import/Export Documentation Basics
  • Basics of Customs Valuation for both Imports and Exports
  • Working with Foreign Vendors - Valuation and the Challenge of Dutiable Assists
  • Understanding the Incoterms 2010 Rules
  • Using Commercial Letters of Credit
  • Basics of HTS Coding: The Customs Classification Process
  • Customs Duties and How They Work
  • Packaging Basics - ISPM15 Wood Treatment Requirements and Marking
  • Introduction to Hazardous Materials
  • Sales-in-Transit - Managing the Risks and Keeping Parties and Documents Straight
  • Working with Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders
  • Change Management - Re-sourcing Materials and Moving Production Lines

Testimonials and Feedback about our Trainers

"Very helpful and thorough.  I think it covers all points of view from the actual shipment of the equipment to the customers/suppliers' impact."

- Alejandra J

"I believe the class was very helpful. You provided great examples and went into great detail... all in all, very interesting and relevant training."

- Charles G.

"As always the content is backed up with real work examples that helps the audience relte to the material."

- Travis D.

"Course content was very informative with enough detail that we could see the ground without being deep in the weeds."

Graydon F.

"I very much enjoyed your enthusiasm and efforts to make a fairly dry subject matter interesting and fun."

- Tom T.

"I love your enthusiasm during the presentations.  I found this to be very helpful, and hopefully the right people will take this presentation and follow your direction!"

- Rich K.

"Excellent tactical training!  He is a gifted teacher... does a fantastic job keeping folks engaged & listening.  His entertaining and tactically sound approach distills a complex subject into easy-to-follow steps and thoughts."

- Aaron G.

"We had a great class, all was very clear and easy to understand, even better you made it enjoyable.  We walked away with very good tips and recommendations.   It just couldn't have been better, congratulations!"

- Hugo O.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How does it work?

A:  We publish a schedule for every quarter, which our subscribers can share with their employees, who can then attend whichever ones fit their needs and schedules. Depending on program length, our classes are offered three or four each on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  

     We don't hold classes the first or last weeks of a quarter, or on holidays, because attendance would be so low... but we can often schedule special additional sessions to meet customer needs, when there would be a special advantage in getting departments together to attend together.

Q:  How is it priced?

A:   Pricing is based on the number of employees likely to take some of the classes, but it is flat for the year, regardless of how attendance goes. Call us at 224-324-6231 or email us at info@tradecomplianceseminars.com, and let's discuss it!

     Let's say you have a small business with five buyers, five salesmen, five customer service reps, and engineers, managers, accountants and traffic clerks adding up to 30.  We price it on that basis, assuming some will attend most and others will attend fewer.  Later, when you're so happy with what your team is learning, you decide to add other departments or staffers, so maybe 40 wind up attending them all that year... well, then, you've just gotten an even better deal, that's all!

Q:  How long are the classes?

A:  We know that webinars have to be short.  We make them as interesting as possible, but most wind up between one and two hours.  We never go over two hours.  Some topics, such as country of origin, free trade agreements, and valuation, are split into two or three sub-areas to keep within the two-hour limit.

Q:  Is this the final list?

A:  We do occasionally add other topics, like when there's news about new duty rates in a trade war, or changes to a free trade agreement.   

     Subscribers will be told about such new additions in the quarterly schedule.

Q:  What if we want training in person?

A:  Excellent!  We love in-person, onsite training!  As described on the homepage, we happily offer customized courses or in-person presentations of all our programs at your site... from a focus on specific subjects like preparing for The New NAFTA or a broader overview such as a high level Coaching program that merges the concepts of HR-based culture training with the themes of global trade participation.  Send us an email or give us a call to discuss!

Q: What kind of certification is involved?

A:  Our trainers are U.S. licensed Customhouse brokers, who have been doing trade compliance training at the global level for twenty years or more.  This does not constitute legal advice, as it is offered in a public forum, generically designed for all of our different subscribers.  These programs cover the basic information that Customs authorities expect your business to know.  

     Customers occasionally need very customer-specific assistance from your broker/forwarders, your global accounting firm, your law department, or export control consultants.  We can help recommend such services, but we do not offer such legal advice ourselves.  This program is basic training that your staffers need, to navigate the waters of international trade on a day-to-day basis.  

     At this low price, and for this kind of general instruction, this service is not a replacement for your firm having  your own import/export expert(s) on staff.  This training is designed to support your trade compliance team, by ensuring that the departments know when to reach out to their import/export chief in advance, and the import/export chief doesn't have to spend all his or her time fixing mistakes, putting out fires, and handling audits.  

     We cannot be your complete trade compliance department... but we can be your staff's trade compliance trainers... at a great value!

Q:  So how do we get started?

A:  Just reach out to us at 224-324-6231 or info@tradecomplianceseminars.com and let's talk!