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Onsite One-Day Programs:



  • Trade Compliance for Management
  • Country of Origin Compliance
  • Working With Broker/Forwarders
  • Introduction to Export Controls
  • Free Trade Agreements - NAFTA and Beyond

Trade Compliance Training



We offer newsletters, slides, and other tools to keep international trade compliance in your employees’ field of vision. 

Ask about our surprising value program: an affordable year-round subscription to unlimited live webinar training at your employees' convenience, for companies that find it hard to get everybody together at the same time!

The New NAFTA 2.0


NAFTA - as we knew it - is coming to an end.  Is your business ready for the New NAFTA?   Issuing an unsupportable FTA certificate is treated as tax fraud by many countries.  Do you have an auditable process?

We can help you protect yourselves and your customers - both domestic and international - in this new enforcement regime.

Seminars and Webinars - For Both Management and Staff

Onsite Programs - One-Day, Two-Day, or as Needed


  • Trade Compliance for Management
  • Country of Origin Compliance - from vendor to customer, from origin marking rules to duty-free benefits
  • Working With Broker/Forwarders
  • Introduction to Export Controls

Learn the Basics That Just Aren't Taught In Business School


  • Free Trade Agreements - From NAFTA to CAFTA, from GSP to the the Caribbean Basin Initiative
  • Working With Vendors - soliciting the information we need from our suppliers
  • Country of Origin - Origin Determination, Origin Marking, and Origin Documentation
  • Customs Value and Dutiable Assists
  • Export Controls - Countries, Parties, Screening, Anti-Boycott, and more
  • Incoterms 2010 Rules

Coaching Sessions - Getting Personnel Excited About the Compliance Culture


Day-long coaching sessions for leadership or departments, with high-level history and themes to make it personal... introducing your team to a broad array of Trade Compliance topics, so they'll happily welcome the training and functional steps to follow.

Know Which Courses Each Department Needs to Attend



  • Trade Compliance for Purchasing
  • Trade Compliance for Accounting
  • Trade Compliance for Engineering
  • Trade Compliance for Sales, Logistics, and  Customer Service
  • Trade Compliance for Move Teams, Out-sourcing, and Re-sourcing Teams

These programs explain the basics of import/export regulations, as they affect each department's special role in the process.  

Learning the Basics that Just Aren't Taught in Business School


A few more of our available programs:

  • Transportation HazMat Awareness
  • Solid Wood Packing Materials and the ISPM-15 Regulations
  • Trade Document Management - from Receipt to Recordkeeping
  • The Harmonized Tariff Schedule - Import/Export Classification
  • Facing the Challenges of Commercial Letters of Credit
  • Understanding Customs Duties and Fees
  • Free Trade Agreements - Qualification Analysis, Certification, and Risk

A Note To Prospective Clients


The American Economy is Back!

From raw materials and components to complex finished products, American factories and distribution centers are working overtime as the economy rebounds!

But along with new orders comes the complexity of Trade Compliance, a field of specialty that touches every role and every product, but is rarely even mentioned in business school.

That's where we come in.  We aren't looking for transportation business or software design gigs.  We specialize in training, and that's all we do.  Our trainers are expert at making these obscure rules comprehensible to all audiences. 

We will help you meet and exceed your customers' expectations, protecting yourself and your clients, through a compliant trade process!

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