John F. Di leo


Public Speaking - from breakout sessions to keynotes

Our primary trade compliance trainer and speaker, John F. Di Leo, has addressed the Precision Machined Parts Association twice in the past year, most recently in covering the complex world of tariffs at the PMPA Update Conference in Phoenix, in February 2019.  In the past, he has given speeches to groups as diverse as private global sales and finance meetings, the Association of Compliance Counsels, the Milwaukee County Republican Convention, and state and federal tax reform commissions.

John is available for speaking engagements, both at trade association conferences and private business events like sales conferences.  His electrifying delivery surprises people who just naturally assume that international trade would be dull!  Give us a call, and let's compare calendars!


"John's style is engaging, and he makes it more interesting by being able to cite actual examples, thanks to his extensive experience in working in this discipline.  Also, the injection of humor is entertaining. This was the second seminar I have attended that was conducted by John, and will not resist attending others in the future!" - CSR, White Bear, MN

"For a complex and large amount of information, these courses were very insightful and meaningful.  John was one of the best presenters I have ever had!" -   customer service,  GE Osmonics, Glendale, WI

"John was engaging, humorous, and able to keep attention even on mundane content.  John was perhaps the best presenter I have experienced on legal topics." - engineer, GE Osmonics, Glendale, WI

"Great energy, kept the class engaged in the presentation."  - R.I., Anoka, MN

"Presentation skills and ability to hold interest were excellent!"  - engineer, Minneapolis, MN

"Really like the presentation; very professional."  CSR, Los Angeles, CA

"John provides a tremendous amount of data in a short amount of time. Very informative... Very well done!  And we greatly appreciate John's availability and assistance as a resource!"  - customer service manager, New Brighton, MN

"This course was very informative and very interesting.  John keeps his audience engaged and knows how to keep interest.  I was worried about going to a four hour course, but found myself learning a great deal and wanting to hear more!"  - salesman, Minneapolis, MN

"John does a great job at communicating 'tough' subject matter in a way that keeps the audience's attention. He is an awesome speaker and a definite asset!"  - customer service, Costa Mesa, CA

"Great training given by John.  Good visual and lead-ins.  Outstanding!"  - plant manager, Chino, CA

"John is great at offering a large amount of information in a limited amount of time... the humor he interjects in the course is a welcome relief when attempting to process so much information.  I also enjoy the background introductions that John gives. Thank you."  -  engineer, San Diego, CA

"Thanks for adding humor to this presentation. The subject is dry and you did a great job in keeping our attention."  - engineering clerk, Porous Media, St Paul, MN

"As always, John Di Leo does an excellent job presenting and summarizing the information.  There is so much information to absorb!   John provides excellent examples that assist in helping us understand the concepts and rules that apply."  - inside sales, San Diego, CA

"Excellent presentation.  John has mastered the art of explaining complicated regulatoins in a simple and memorable manner." - Accounting, Ashland, OH

"John has a knack for communicating these issues in a way that everyone can relate to and understand.  The course included something for everyone and was worthwhile.  Once again, a very engaging and enjoyable experience!"  - logistics, North Aurora, IL


Cover story on free trade agreements, in the Technology and Manufacturing Association's fall issue, 2018: 

Column on the need to protect intellectual property in a global economy: 

Column on the new reality of bringing production back home after years of outsourcing, and the challenges therein:

Explaining the truths and risks of the TransPacific Partnership:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

- Public and private speaking events... whether keynoting a sales or purchasing conference,  or giving a presentation on international trade for a trade association...

- In-person, on-site training programs, specifically covering such issues as NAFTA qualification, Incoterms, Documentation Recordkeeping, Country of Origin Marking, and Duty Assessment.

-  Coaching sessions - such as an all-day program getting a cross-functional team excited about international trade as part of a breakout/retreat from the office's day-to-day.

- Focused consulting - such as working with a team to implement these matters, by building added tools into work instructions, adding clauses to invoice text, developing standards and checklists for working with outside broker/forwarders, and helping internal I.T. teams to build tools to reduce the need for expensive outside software subscriptions.

- Webinar training - a series of basic trade compliance training for non-trade professionals... this is not for your trade compliance manager or a broker's license test-taker, but rather, serves as a series of basic information sessions to tell buyers, salesmen, engineers, accountants, logistics clerks, customer service reps, and management just what they need to know, to keep your company in compliance, and protect your customers!

Is pricing flexible?

Oh yes. Every company is different, so your trade compliance needs are different.  Some companies should have a two-day in-person intro session before rolling out the webinar series; others can go straight to  the inexpensive webinars.  Travel plays a role, of course... Reach out, and let's talk!

Are you "just a trainer", or do you have experience "on the ground" in international trade?

Our trainer, John F Di Leo, has a been a Customs broker since 1987.  He worked on the service side of international trade for almost twenty years, as a Customs broker and freight forwarder with major international service firms, and for the next twenty years, he worked as transportation manager and freight negotiator for a major petrochemical engineering firm, then as a trade compliance instructor for a global manufacturer of appliances in the water and electrical industries.  Whatever hiccups you've encountered in your business' international and domestic transactions,  he's probably encountered and solved a similar problem!

How do we reach you?

Easy!  Just call 224-324-6231 or send an email to !!!